The latest progress at Ticonderoga




Ready for ya!!! Lets get in trouble tomorrow;-)


I was hoping to decompress tomorrow!


Wish I could be there to help out tomorrow but real life keeps rearing it’s ugly head. :anguished:


Star Trek is it real what do you mean?


You know, those times when life isn’t fun like Star Trek.


I hear you Rob. Life is like a bowl of cherries, but Star Trek is the cherry pie ala mode.


Sickbay is so great. When I was there I was told that the wall would have the chamber. These sets are awesome to be on and I didn’t see them in as finished as there are now. It is so great that these are constantly being completed!


Tomorrow is going to be two split crews one team working on the Bridge panels and the other on wall and hatch for the decompression chamber. Many of us from this board!!


Decompression chamber progress today.


Looking Good!


Of coarse we have to build the two rails that will carry the door and build thickness into the door. Also there is an inner door as well and lastly the latch. Keep in mind this is a work in progress!

Door closed position.

DoorDoor open.

Decompression Team!


Dee Dee and Deb trapped in the Bridge consoles!


Jeff M and Brian H accurized and updated handrails. Segmented just like the show. Really makes them pop!


Cutting the hole


What is the material being used on the walls? Luan? Masonite?


Masonite. We don’t usually use it, but we had a bunch of a given to us. Real pain to work with!


The new detailing on the bridge rails really looks superb!

Thanks for thinking of it and taking the time to add this level of detail. It may seem like a small thing to some but it absolutely takes this to the top level.


We’re all pulling out all the stops for the Shatner visit to make this place ready on the 4th-5th of may! Jeff already has all the light boxes installed on the bridge stations. Next week it’s Mudding all the new joints everywhere. and painting is next…



You guys rock.
Your dedication to this is inspiring.