The latest progress at Ticonderoga


So much is going on so fast now it’s blowing my mind. New bridge sections are almost done. Jeff Mailhotte and Brian Gottschalk were plowing away at it yesterday. Charles Root worked all day uploading the converted graphics received from Will Smith. They look great! I was working on the Engineering energizers and the hatchway to the decompression chambers inner door pocket. James and Dave Lafredo worked on the new captain’s chair. Here is a start of pictures. Brian Hudon and James Cawley are going to start painting this week…more to come before the day is out.


A quick sample of some of Will Smith’s new graphics this playing on the bridge. This should wet people’s appetite for May. Thank you so much Will !!


We only built a new base and a are giving the Capt’s Chair a fresh coat of paint. We also reset the swivel mechanism to complete the chair.


Everyone is working at Warp speed to get as much as we can done for May.

Energizer control panel and lower tube assembly ready for painting.

The Decomression inner door channel is set and drywalling begins…


Amazing work… so much progress each weekend. Wish I had been free to help. Super excited about your graphics @tosgraphics !


I’m dying to see what kind of reaction William Shatner has to at all this. Is he going to be overwhelmed and an emotional reaction or is it just going to be one more gig for him to collect a paycheck?


Exactly…so curious!! I think honestly he will love it! As long as we love him more!


Well who loves him more than we do?


He does…



Bill is gonna freak out. SGT


Can’t beat wives who are Trekkies. SGT


Dang! Looks great!! That reminds me, I need to send the balance of the animated displays, lol


Charles has all the monitors working that are existing. it was wonderful to see the new graphics.


I need to find new words for “wow” and "amazing "… Until then… WOW, just AMAZING!!!


Amazing and wow!


What he said.


What they said.




Welcome on board Mr. Spock!


Abort ???