The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Voice texting autocorrect gets me everytime


That is really nice work on the circle inset of the wall @pielock373 Looks so good! Wobbly board and lots of elbow grease.


Was something redone in the transporter room besides the pads ?


The chamber ceiling is all new, new carpet and upper and lower pads.


I can’t wait to see people’s faces when they see the 360 bridge! No one but our building crew has seen it in person yet.


It makes such a difference. You wouldn’t think closing it in would make it seem bigger, but it does. I guess what it really is, is that it now looks like you always imagined it would look even though we never saw it that way except in a shot or two, and in the AMT Bridge model kit that we probably all owned as kids. Except way cooler.

As for the Transporter Room, something about those new pads, the new carpet, and the new upper pads has really completed that room. Every person who I’ve been in there with says the exact same things: “It now looks complete”, or “It now feels like the actual Transporter Room”. I feel the same way.


Now all that’s needed is to close in the top of the bridge with the dome.


This thread has been really fun to follow. An amazing amount of work in a short bit of time!


I was lucky to visit Ticonderoga last August and absolutely loved it. I hope to make back soon to see new progress.


Dilithium Crystal effect test.


Ok Steve, that is way cool!!!


Looks like time-lapse footage of the id trying to get through Krell steel.


Looks like the start of a heart beat.


That is a very nice effect that wasn’t done on the original set. It looks very appropriate. Do the dilithium magnetic-bottle spheres still light up, too? Or was that too much of a departure from the original set?


Ed is back on the set! Great to see Ed today! He is making great headway and we are thrilled !!


Really good to hear Dave! So glad Ed is doing better.


That is a wonderful picture – and on Easter! So glad to see that Ed is up and moving about and smiling.


Great to hear, thanks for sharing.-SGT


That is a great picture. Glad Ed is doing better.


Great news, thanks for keeping us all up to date!