The latest progress at Ticonderoga


This is fantastic news! I’m so glad he’s continuing to recover!


This is a great pic. It was great to see Ed out and about today.


Thanks for sharing that photo, it had to really help lift Ed’s spirits being there today!


On the way home the two of us were talking. He was so happy to be back on the sets! Best medicine there is out there for him right now.


Getting ready to install the full size Capt. Kirk figure at the Tour , The Head has just been delivered. He will now join his vulcan friend on the sets!



Cool in the extreme :crazy_face:


Great, now Kirk can freak me out as well as Spock!


Nice wig on that Kirk! :slight_smile: (Seriously, an amazing likeness!)


One final big push on the bridge coming up this weekend. And then it’s painting time.


Actually, we are painting tomorrow!


It will be nice to see this in May with The Shat, Elvis and all my friends I never met. All in a morning drive from the Quebec border which is 20 minutes away. Looks like I will go more often after my initial visit. Fascinating work. -SGT


James just posted this picture. Brian Hudon is painting his heart out this week! Closing in on the 360 Bridge!


Looking good! Can’t wait to see it in person.


Master prop maker Ed Miarecki inspecting his progress on Sulu’s station targeting scope!


Nice to see Ed is working again.


Nice to see the master back at work.


Nobody does it better!


After my upgrade of the transporter pad a few weeks back James mentioned that the original pads had grates under them. Thanks to some photos he provided me I decided my first project with my new plasma table would be to cut some grids n install them.

I had to build a mock up of part of the pad structure in my workshop to work out installation.

Then made six grids and installed them this morning. Thanks to some help from pielock, James, Joel n Rob we got them in.
I had the best time making these! Super fun project.


That is so cool Dave. Great job! Can’t wait to see these in May.