The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Great pic’s Dave.
Great job everyone.


Great work Dave, love the level of and attention to these small detail(s).


The place is rich with so much detail. Super fun


It just keeps getting better. A few weeks to go.


My favorite room on the ship! The transporter room!!


More pics from today’s work great seeing you again Dave!


There were a ton of people frantically working to get ready for Shatner . So much amazing work. I left esrly n Pielock stayed late so not sure what all else got done :slight_smile:


We made good progress today but there’s so much more to do. two computer monitors were installed in the new bridge consoles. Computers and programs need to be installed. So much painting everywhere’s to do yet! It’s going to be amazing when you see it guys and gals.


The engineering looks so good its almost unreal. Great work Pielock!


Funny you mention that because of all the sets engineering is the most incomplete but it’s still beautiful! It still needs the ceiling which we just ran out of time on and some of the Blinky lighting effects aren’t quite complete yet.


Control panel nearing completion on the Energizer units in engineering.


Love it. I’ve seen the Scotty image before, but I hadn’t noticed or thought about the grate being visible through the pad lens. I love super-accurate and observant stuff like that.

In that spirit, I noticed that the black band at the bottom of the wall meets the vertical bands at a point slightly off from the same Scotty image. I don’t know if that changed during the series and your version matches the show at a different point.


That shot is further away so Im not sure that they are different.


The colors are really goregous. Is the NBC peacock lurking somewhere around there as well? :sunglasses:


Dave, what a great contribution! The grates look fantastic, it just adds that much more authenticity to the whole endeavor. Everyone is doing an outstanding job, can’t wait to see it in person.


Man those sets are looking awesome.


Very cool! I never knew there was grating under the transporter pads.


The more I see this, the more I realize I know nothing about it.



So if we get time for it in the afternoon of Thursday what episode of trek would people like to watch on the Bridge main view screen?