The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Great idea, my preference would be for a ship based show. Maybe one of these; Journey to Babel, Conscience of the King, Balance of Terror, The Changeling or Doomsday Machine.


That’s the elusive bird that I knew as a child. Thank you for that Dave!


Journey to Babel does seem especially apropos.


Yup very who wants to play dead hanging out the jefferies tube?


Journey to Babel it is then!


Great choice!

I would have thought that a Shatner-focused episode would have been on the list and be more appropriate. Something like “The Enemy Within” or even “Turnabout Intruder”…LOL!



Where have you been? They were ALL Shatner-focused episodes according to his co-stars :laughing:


Oh, so true! :rofl:


There is a Journey to Babel meet and greet so the episode fits well.


Journey to Babel is perfect for this event.


Elaan of Troyius


If you’re going to play the Laramie Peacock before the episode, play this one. Same audio, with a video reanimated to match the original but in HD.


I am so pumped to see many of you again, and to meet many more of you for the first time! Just so you all know that weekend is also opening day for Fort Ticonderoda tours. If your a history buff you may want to go over there as well. It is 1 mile away from Star Trek Tours.

Lastly know that Friday morning after breakfast myself, Joel Barnes, Joe and Nan Breidenstein and Patrick Cane are staff for the event and have to report in for duty. but we will see you aboard the ship later Friday and Saturday for the tours!!!


I’m staying until Monday to visit the Fort.


In full uniform I’m assuming.


Storm trouper!


Inch by inch we get closer everyday!


Dare me?!


Wow! It really is looking closed off now…I’m like a two year old with anticipation. I’m going to have to try extra hard to play it cool or it could get embarrassing.


Double dare ya puddin-tane! :rooster: