The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Are those figures new commissions or did they come from some place/person?


I don’t want to touch anything. I want a lot of pictures with Me in them.


They are custom sculpted by a commissioned artist for the STST. Dr. McCoy I believe will be next.


If a blazer, collar shirt, and jeans is “full uniform”, then yes. Apparently redshirts are more formal in real life.


Wait until you stand on it. It’s unbelievable how much more you feel like you’re on the Bridge now that’s it’s 360°. Somehow, completing the circle has made it seem bigger, too.


Can I join in for Breakfast? Time & Place?


Great !!, What Time??


Jon Paul, all of the schedule info and locations are posted here.

The Hot Biscuit



Thank You so much.


I just think it’s important to be absolutely clear that this is an FW organized event. I’m somewhat new here but have absolute respect and appreciate the increased interest on the site from many people about this event and the gathering of amazing talent. One of the things I really love about FW is the fact that all profit issues and monetary issues are not part of the site. I think it’s really important that we extend that same rules to this prop meet in order to respect what Ryan has founded here and also the atmosphere that is fostered at STST. We also IMHO need to be aware of the license that James has so carefully nutured with CBS and the delicacy of respecting that. I hope its okay with the elders here that I chime in but I really am appreciative that we can gather on a special day just for us and want to keep the FW spirit n make sure we get to do it again and not be an issue for James!


Well said.


Agreed Dave.


re: the Video on the Main Viewer-- I’d think something in a lighter vein-- Although not 100% a ship episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles” includes a lot of ‘ship.’ And definitely not a ship show, “Shore Leave” might be fun for Wm. Shatner to re-live his fight with his old school-days nemesis! (:
–Paul E Musselman


Final details being added today…


Cool. Looks great James. Can’t wait to see it on Wednesday.


Looks great James!


Wasn’t sure you were going to make it :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait to see it.


A beautiful, beautiful piece of art my friend!


Wow, very impressive.