The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Awesome work.
Can’t wait to see it.


Looking very crisp and precise.


James posted these on face book so I’m pushing them over here. Getting very close!


Looks great.


Rapidly approaching now and looking fab!


Can’t wait to hear about Shatner’s reaction. I think its going to be emotional.


Yes, it will be very interesting see to how Bill will react. I’m telling him he was great in T. J. Hooker but I liked him in Star Wars too. :wink:




One thing I have always wanted to ask bill while visiting conventions away from home

" Mr. Shatner, Why couldnt you use your negotiating skills to get me a better deal on my hotel here ?" :smile:
I really wish I could attend this , I will be able to meet all of you someday !



When he arrives Friday afternoon James and us set builders are going to give him a private tour. Looking forward to this.


Rub it in.


Somebody record it!


Not sure if this is going to be allowed. That will be up to mr. Shatner. We do have a film crew.


The bridge is completely painted and looks great! The turbo shaft hallway between Engineering and the Bridge is now electrified and Brian H is painting like a madman! The one thing we my need to do on Thursday is be respectful of all the last minute work going on to get the place ready so we will need to at points get out of construction people’s way from time to time on Thurday.

For those that haven’t been this latest version of the sets, you are in for a real treat! So looking forward to seeing reactions from Dave Årland, Will Smith, Steve Tessier and Ralph Miller. This is going to be a super fun weekend folks, can’t wait to see you all!

Steve Pielock


Ralph is coming?




Will they need help?


Not sure, we will see how the last minute panic is going maybe we can help. We’ll play it by ear.


Wait until you all “feel” the 360 Bridge, it’s amazing!!! You will be entering through the turbo shaft as it should be done!!! Also, every room has its own sound board running so as you walk through the ship the sounds change, it’s all very convincing.


It’s a place where every TOS Trekkie on earth has to go. I can only imagine what it would be like to visit the set during Star Trek Phase II and now it is “The Offical Star Trek Tour” where dedicated talented fans added to it, Unbelievable.