The M-94A1 Phaser Rifle


Hi everyone. Here are some pictures of my latest prop build, the classic TOS phaser rifle. I tried drawing this up a couple of years ago and was thwarted. I made up my mind to have another go at it and got my head around the design and came up with a workable drawing. The power coil is almost finished. I have to fit the clear tubes and do a few more things still. One new thing I tried with this project was to cast in color. The red, orange and yellow reducer discs are all done this way. They look really cool up close. I’ll post some more in process next.


Looks great Joe!


Looking good Joe!

One of my favorite TOS props.


This is sweet, Joe. Looking forward to watching progress on this one. I’m a huge fan of the pilot shows, and this is one of my all-time favorite Trek props. Those power coils look incredible.


This is such a great start! Keep up the good work.


looking good




ooooh, I’m gonna really enjoy this one.


Very impressive.


Those look great.


Wow! That looks great, Joe…thanks for sharing this build, I can’t wait to see it come together.


Perfection my friend.


This might be my all-time favorite prop. Brett Jones built up a Roddenberry version for me. Just love it. Great work!


Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. I’ve been wanting to build this since I was a kid paging through the photo novel of WNMHGB. Back then I built one loosely based on it out of balsawood and a shampoo bottle. I’m very excited to be able to finally have another crack at it.

Here are some more photos.

These are the support structures inside the copper conduit. The urethane parts are castings made from turned acrylic masters. The center bushing keeps the conduit from sagging.


Wow Joe that is so Awesome.
Great job.


Just realized that looks like BX aluminum wiring covering?


Yes, but the large, economy size! (:


That’s exactly what it is. It took me three tries to find the right size. It’s 1" ID and approximately 1 3/8" OD.


Can you please share your source on the BX cable ?
And… Is the verdict out ? were the coils a wrap around continuous thread, or individual stacked ribs (donuts)


It’s a spiral. I got it at Home Depot but I had to buy a large coil. Can’t remember the length. It was over $100.00.