The M-94A1 Phaser Rifle


I think you can purchase online by the foot…so the screen used was a spiral ?


So instead of BX this one should be BA Cable for Big Awesome Cable.

A few big cables or several smalls inside?



.040 styrene and smd’s for target screen. Let me know if you want beans that fit bezel perfectly (better than the gumdrops I had been using as in the video herewith), send address and email if interested…


Looks pretty spirally to me.

Lots of pics of the real deal here.


Yes…collected all those pics previously too. We’ve seen varying interpretations on the Roddenberry,Shanko,Nagata, etc. All ranging from machined metal, pool hoses,vac hoses irrigation flex hose etc…just trying to nail it down for my build…lol


Thanks jonpaul but I’m good. I’m very confident that this conduit is correct. It matches perfectly.


These are definitely spirals, I don’t see how there can be any question.


Here are photos of the router jig used to make the coil end caps. It’s made from the core left over from a 2" hole saw. The pieces were double wrapped in styrene to get them back up to the correct diameter, then glued to each other. I have since modified it to accommodate guide holes for the center pivot and the holes the bullet catch will grab into.


Joe, did you come up with your own dimensions or are you using known ones?


I’ve spent weeks laboriously working them out myself. I have access to a Shanko one and have measurements of a couple of other builds but ended not satisfied with any of them.


^ I probably said it before, Wile E. Coyote would be proud!


Thanks Sharon


Funny…I got my laser rifle from ACME too …


On the build up I did for John I put under the orange writing “Not A Master Replicas Product, Thank God!” .


Wow that looks amazing, in fact just be careful as you make it…the phaser emitter coils might overload!! :exploding_head: :joy::joy:



Thanks chrizy75. The power coil is done more or less. The end caps are not permanently attached yet. That can wait until after the rest of the rifle is made. I still have to work out the center pivot and the bullet catches and I need the whole thing for that. I had one set back. Last week end I cut the clear tubes and tried to test fit everything together but the end caps just wouldn’t fit. The center points for each coil were too close together. I had to make a new end cap jig and then new end caps. These new ones fit perfectly. This assembly is heavy too.


That is a thing of beauty, JoeB.


Very nice.


Great job Joe.