The M-94A1 Phaser Rifle


Joe, I’ll be in Vegas Monday through Friday next week visiting family! Enjoy the 100+ temps!


We’ve got to get together. What time Monday to you get in? We leave Tuesday early am.


Hi Joe, Keep up the Great work ! This will be the best build yet !



Thanks Richard.


A struggle like this, has to be the best, great thread.


I’ve been working on the upper cylinder of the rear housing. I’m really happy with how it came out. The whole thing is a little bigger to allow for shrinkage that occurs during the casting process. The two assemblies are just dry fitted now.


The turning started out as hunk of acrylic rod with epoxy putty applied to it. I did not have a rod big enough on its own. Once it was turned to size I just started working the different areas. The putty machines beautifully and you can add more of it or Bondo and re cut. if you screw up. Which I had to do a couple of times. Sorry the first picture is blurry but I did not have another shot of the raw billet.


Working and re working both ends. I started cutting it to length with a straight cutter then finished with a hacksaw. The piece was flipped around and the other side was cleaned up.


The parts was then transferred to the mill to machine the flat. It took me a while to get the set up right but fortunately I had the hardware to do it.


Brilliant craftsmanship, Joe.


Brilliant job Joe.


I get to use that word again :grinning: I’m Gobsmacked


There’s a shipping address visible in that image, in case that’s a concern.


^ Uh oh Joe, were all coming for that rifle now! Better lock the garage!

Have really enjoyed following this thread. Exceptional work, like everything you do!


Hey Joe, I thought I could do things. How you are figuring this out is wizardry.


Thanks everyone. As far as the security of my shop is concerned, not to worry, for I have a dog. And trekme can attest to his ferociousness. He will literally lick you, excuse me, sorry, rip you limb from limb. So be ware.

Steve, as far as wizardry goes, that’s very kind. So far this project is going very well, knock on MDF. I’ve been building stuff for almost fifty years. Got my first Lego set when I was five. A lot of this is second nature for me now, but I still work slow and methodically. More so when I’m attempting something new. I also started building this in my head years ago.


Does that make the term blockhead apply? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Most definitely Scott.


I’ve done some more work on the top rear cylinder. The bottom was filled in with Bondo to compensate for the slope of the main body and it was hollowed out to give access to the rear power coil pivot. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the hollowing out process. For the round hole I hogged out as much material as I could using the mill. The rest was done on the drill press using a forstner bit. The rectangular hole was done on the mill.


Great work Joe! The mention of the hollowing process brings to mind a long episode title from season 3.

“For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”