The M-94A1 Phaser Rifle


Wow Joe it is really shaping up.
It looks fantastic.


How the hell do you do this stuff!!??


Man, I wish I had your skills Joe. Amazing work.


Ya… Amen… he is very VERY talented! I’m very lucky to live close enough to visit from time to time. I’ve learned so much!


You ARE lucky! I could really use a professor like Joe!


Got a lot of work done on the rear grip today. There was a battle between me and the idiosyncrasies of my sharper, but after much resetting, re tightening and swearing (swearing always helps) I prevailed.


V for VICTORY!!! Glad you stuck with it and came out on top!


The first three pictures are of router jig parts being made.


And the rest.


Fantastic Job Joe.


Your just not working hard enough if your not swearing. The mark of a true craftsman.


It’s looking amazing!


Thanks everyone. I glued the handle halves together and started shaping it with an assortment of sanding blocks and 60 grit sandpaper. I made another custom block from epoxy putty. I’m pretty happy with the shape so far.


Sweet daddy-oh!!!


Joe brought some of these parts to our prop meet in Ticonderoga recently. Brilliant work! Pics don’t do this justice.


Thanks you two. Over the weekend I also milled out the pivot access hole in the top housing. Today I drilled the pivot hole in the rear housing and test fitted the power coil. WAY COOL!!.


Very nice, I need to send you some molding rubber.


Way to set ‘em up Joe!


I agree, the parts he brought look terrific. Can’t wait to see it complete.


Wow Joe Looking better and better the more pictures you post.