Those who don’t have the skills to build props spend (waste?) money on ThinkGeek


Soo…if I had the skills to build props I would. Sadly, I’m left to admire everyone’s posts from afar. Occasionally I decide to load my cart up on sale items from thinkgeek and ship stuff to my office. lol. Today i received the Horga’hn statue, Acrylic LED Ship Display, door cover and lamp today. Paid 80 bucks for it all. I have to say, for 12.99 I’m pretty happy with the statue. It’s a far cry from the real prop on Roddenberry but still reminds me of one of my favorite episodes in TNG. Woot!


Very cool stuff! Didn’t even now some of that existed. Clearly I need to check Think Geek more often.

As to building there are lots of kits out there, some pretty straight forward. You should give it a try some time.


Love the Picard theme in your collection shelf. Seems appropriate for your ready room office.


Love that door cover!


Clearly I need to check Think Geek more often.

I work for the parent company as a graphic designer and I’m constantly surprised at the stuff available.


Love the Ent-D corridor door cover and the Ent-D LED display.

Also got their Horga’hn statue. Good enough until I can obtain a screen-accurate one :slight_smile:


Dannyboy, I’m so with you. My skills are rudimentary at best. However, one way I dove in head first (as a passionate TOS collector) was to check out a number of “training” videos here and on youtube, (Junkman’s youtube communicator builds were watched and re-watched so many times!) then I began to tinker with John Long Communicator kits which require soldering and such. I’m grateful to all of the patient expertise here and other places like TPZ.