Using the same vessel for vacuum and pressure


On your advice, I ordered and just received my Grizzly. You are correct. It seems very well made. It even came with two, flat bottom removable liners… with handles. Couldn’t ask for more. The paint hardware came apart nice and easy. 90 psi.

Just a few questions before I go to Home Depot:
Is it necessary to replace the ball valve that came with it?
Do I need a new gauge; not the one that came with it?
Could I just use the gauge/regulator assembly that came with it, minus the extra hardware?

In my lid photo, there are 4 ports.
The safety valve (at 9:00) stays.
The air intake (at 12:00) is the gauge.
The paint out (at 3:00) comes off and gets replaced by a ball valve.
Does the air out (at 6:00) stay as is? Or do I need to remove and cap it off?


If that port at 6:00 is the same as mine it’s a valve that can be opened to vent the air. I use the ball valve so that port stays closed.

Mine didn’t come with the liners, they were extra parts when I ordered. I just made the MDF bottom.