Welcome to The Fleet Workshop (and rules)


The Fleet Workshop is a friendly, non-profit community of hobbyist makers who build Star Trek prop replicas for fun.

We aspire to carry Gene Roddenberry’s positive vision of the future into our hobby and the way that we interact online: our values are thus teaching, non-competitive sharing, mutual respect, and documenting these important cultural artifacts for posterity.

This leads us to two concrete, mutually reinforcing, goals:

  • to facilitate information sharing among hobbyists making non-commercial prop replicas for themselves
  • to encourage more accurate licensed replicas by acting as a research repository and information clearinghouse for designers working on licensed recreations

Our rules are simple

  1. Be friendly and willing to teach.
    Don’t post about anything unless you’re willing to share everything you know about it so that you can help other hobbyists make the same things. Sharing enthusiasm, teaching, and helping others are what we’re all about. It’s not cool to post about something you made, own, or know about merely to brag about having something other people can’t.

  2. Respect CBS/Paramount IP rights.
    Only, CBS, Paramount, and their licensees have the right to commercialize Star Trek props and to offer Star Trek merchandise for sale. While it is reasonable for members privately to trade items or to share costs on orders of parts or supplies with each other on a one-on-one basis, please don’t use our discussion threads to market unlicensed Star Trek prop replicas for sale. Equally, unless you are working with a license, don’t use resources people have shared here to profit elsewhere. Please be sure that all your posting of information and images here falls under fair use.

  3. Iron-fisted moderation.
    Posts or accounts not making positive contributions to the site or violating the above rules will be summarily purged at the sole, wholly intuitive and subjective, discretion of the site editor(s) without discussion or explanation. It’s not that we don’t want irreverence, disagreement, debate, political incorrecteness, or profanity (those things are all welcome!). We just ask that people be nice to each other and try move the conversation forward in ways that further the goals of the site as stated above.

These rules exist because, for many of us, this hobby is a therapeutic escape from the realities of the real world; our prime objective is therefore not primarily simply making props but to foster a particular, characteristically Star-Trek, kind of feeling from participation here: of camraderie, collaboration, and sharing—of family even. This means our site isn’t for everybody; please only sign up if the ideas above appeal to you.

Practical examples of how to apply these rules

If you’re curious about the details, please see this thread, which explains how and why some posts have been deleted for violating the rules.

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